International Expeditions/Trips

Members are invited to apply for a grant to support international expeditions/trips.

The District Board of Trustees (BoT), formerly the Executive Committee, have decided to offer grants to support Hawk members attending international activities.

The conditions attached to the offering of a grant are as follows:-

  • The amount of World Scout Jamboree or World Moot grants is the same for all members attending but will be limited to 10% of the cost of the Jamboree to each individual
  • Other international expedition grants will be made at the discretion of the District BoT, each application being considered by the Finance sub-committee before a recommendation is presented to the BoT. These grants will normally be limited to 5% of the cost.
  • Grants will be available to adult members as well as youth members.
  • Grant applicants must be a member of the Hawk District Scout Council.
  • It is not intended that these grants will support group or sectional visits abroad

Process for Application

  • Applications should be made on the form below, which will then be sent to the District Chair.
  • Whilst timings may vary, the Finance sub-committee will meet and make their recommendations to the next meeting of the BoT. (Normal meetings of the BoT are in February, May, July and September each year)
  • Urgent applications can be fast-tracked (contact the District Chair to discuss)
  • The applicant will be advised of the outcome.
  • Any grants awarded will normally be paid directly into the organising body.